To Chester’s Story

Chester's history & past

Long story short: I was born on 30.5.2008 in Wiesbaden Germany, grew up as an only child and had a sheltered childhood. My hobbies were soccer, table tennis and cycling. I always liked to spend my vacations with my grandparents. At home I was a prince and at my grandparents the king :). Just to make one thing clear my grandma is the best cook in the world! In 2017 my parents found Jesus and in 2019 I was baptized . Now there was a new king in the house and the adventure began…

Not just another youth

Passion & Expertise

I have been with THS Homeschooling for half a year now and am continuing my education there.

100% Christian

I have been a believer since my age was not yet in double digits and still experience miracles today.

customer satisfaction

My clients appreciate my claim to give the best for them. I do not think in terms of problems, but in terms of solutions.

Family Tradition

Family ist my foundation. I get there my roots for standing strong and wings to flying wide.

My currency is skills

Webdesign & School

As a student of THS homeschooling I experience how valuable and practical and applicable the word of God is for all areas of life with the heavy point mediation of skills I could train my strengths in the technical area and already carry out first projects in the subject of web design and programming. 

"A brilliant mind, masterful in dry humor, who makes his own way in the kingdom of God."

Inga Haases (GVC manager) Quote about Chester

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Experience & vision

I would like to use the three months of summer vacation to gain experience to improve my language skills and to work in a very practical way. Where I can support: Church ministry, practical chores in the house and garden, helping with crafts and creating a website. What I’m looking for: A family or church that offers me a place to stay and gladly good food 😁
I would be happy to serve you and you become part of Chester’s story